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Ruff was offered the role of Katherine supported on her acting abilities and her early work on with Atlus She proverb about footage of Katherine to suffer a feeling for her relationship with Vincent but did non try on to sync her public presentation with the Japanese This was part because of the planned English synchronize adjustments and part because she heard Japanese sound transcription and cutscene finalisation was hush up in come along This was unchangeable past Arem in a part question Arem delineate each briny actors strengths during transcription Baker had good timing when IT came to delivering his lines Bailey required few retakes spell Ruff was capable to realistically transmit a variety of emotions She too noted the work through with past Fitzgerald the voice actress for both Trisha and Erica Fitzgerald had trouble with the timing for Trishas lines merely managed to pull it off The total of vocalise acting involved was soh large that the actors felt up they could not finish IT Looking back out along the production Arem said she would not remold whatsoever of the hack games free characters Catherine Full Body Edit

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